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What To Wear

I am often asked during a phone consultation, What should we wear to our photo session?” I believe in keeping it simple for a timeless approach by wearing solid clothing.  I suggest staying away from patterns, characters and clothing with writing on it.  Those choices date the photograph.  Think about when you see an image from the 70’s.  You can look at the patterns that were popular back then and know immediately the era it’s from.   You can add textures and layers to add pizazz to your clothing.

I put together two color charts to help you select your clothes according to the location.

When shooting at the beach, denim and white or khakis and white always look nice but, you can punch it up a bit by using these colors.

What colors look good for photographs at the beach?

Use colors you would naturally find at the beach as your guide. For example, the color of sand, shades of the sea grass, the blue sky and the emerald ocean. Pastels are also beautiful. It is not necessary that everyone in your party match, but please do select colors that compliment each other.

Our parks in South Florida are very green. Here are some suggestions for color combinations when having your photo session at a park:

what colors look good during a park photo shoot

I find the colors at the park are earth tones; therefore, I think really bright (primary) colors would not work there.

To see other color combinations, do a Google search for your favorite paint store.  The paint companies have color collections already created for you.  You can’t go wrong by using any of the colors suggested in their color collections.

As always, I am available to discuss your wardrobe in detail before your shoot. What you wear really does matter in the overall look of your portrait. 954/260-5460